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Machining Video: Demonstration Around The General Usage of The V-Series 2016 Model Prototype Vinyl Cutter

Now, the red thing you see in this video is called a VINYL. Vinyl, yes. Please get this.

The V-Series Vinyl Cutter here was used to show the V-Series Vinyl Cutter's un-paralleled abilities. First, the vinyl has to be clamped (using human hands) to the cutter in order to have it stable and have the blade or pen moving smoothly for the results of your desire.

The vinyl cutter uses a small knife (we call it a blade) to precisely cut the outline of a picture out of a vinyl sheet. The knife moves side to side and turns, while the vinyl is moved beneath the knife. What results from the cut process is an image cut out of the material. The material is then 'weeded' where the excess parts of the picture are removed. It is possible to remove the positive parts, which would give a negative sticker, or you could weed the negative parts, giving a positive sticker. Removing the letters would be like removing the positive, giving a negative image of the word, etc.

Initially, you will need to create a sticker of a basic design. Your name is a good first sticker. The size should be small, no larger than 7 cm (roughly) on a side. Keeping your first images small will help you master the process quickly with a minimum of materials.

KINDLY NOTE: At 2 minutes, 38 seconds the operator is pulling out the blade holder, and effectively, feeding the holder with a new blade.

Now, the critical thing is. You don't have to worry about learning how to use a cutter you buy from am.co.za. Every time you purchase this machine from us, we (are obliged to) teach you how to operate it. - we give full training - our word for it.

For more on our V-Series Vinyl Cutters, including information on how to purchase one, kindly visit this site: vinyl-cutter.co.za and get all the details there.

Alternatively do call this number: 072 222 2211, and speak to our friendly seasoned sales team.