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Machining Video: Parts Cut on Metalwise Lite CNC Plasma for Lesotho 50 Years of Independence Monument

After a laborious exercise, which involved pulling out this inscription at the computer with the FABRICAM Sheet Metal Fabrication Software from am.co.za, the team eventually achieved this magic. Make certain to watch this video over again, if need be.

This website here: amuser.co.za/help/artcam-metalwise-plasma-cutter is very very useful. You'll learn about important elements of design, ie, creating toolpaths, Prolifing Toolpath, finish depth, lead-in and lead-out setting distance, bridges, simulation, etc. It's a handful. You know the little aspects that translate into top-notch fabrication.

And there's a lot of advantages around running the MetalWise Lite machine.

● You're talking of speed: We pushed its capabilities to a maximum moving speed of 8000mm per minute. That's huge. Really.
● Working Precision: You can literally achieve a measure of 0.2mm per meter. That's huge.
● The Lite comes equipped with Arc-Voltage Torch Height Control and Collision Prevention.
● Additional plasma function easy panel upgrade can be installed for convenience. That's huge - really.

To learn more about the Metalwise Lite CNC Plasma and cutting tables, please visit this site: cncplasmatable.co.za

You will also find more info here: cncplasmamachine.co.za

Plenty more in this dedicated site: plasma-cutter.co.za

SHould you perhaps wish to converse with the team at our workshop, please feel free to give them a call on 072 222 2211.