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Machining Video: Roller Hold-Down EasyRoute CNC Router Accessory for Plywood Cutting of Furniture Making

Roller Hold Down CNC routers provide the ulimate flexibility in routing single sheet, stacked sheet, small part, large part, rollers engaged or disengaged, giving you the capability of multiple CNC machines for the cost and footprint of one.

These machines feature 2 rollers on each side of the cutting spindle(s), automatically extending & retracting rollers as they roll off the cutting table, for holding down warped sheet stock or stacked sheet routing. Each roller's pressure can be regulated to prevent premature wear due to slamming rollers into the table & material. Additionally, the down design assists in the ability to machine narrow, low surface area, parts.

CNC Routing plywood furniture frame parts on the EasyRoute Series helps to hold narrow, difficult parts with the added help of rollers that apply downward pressure during cutting.

A reputable cutomer of ours required a CNC router to handle over-sized sheet material for their buses and motor coach floor panels. We were able to meet their needs with the this EasyRoute model. This video shows the full sheet plywood being cut.

It's not too difficult to cut stacked plywood. Furniture makers do this all the time. That is the main use for a CNC router with down. It can be difficult to cut on a CNC router without downs. If your customer doesn't mind screws in the material, then you can use this to hold the parts together and cut them out as one piece. It is similar to cutting a thick piece of wood.

Disclaimer: From our state-of-the-art factory in China, Advanced Machinery manufactures some of the most highly sought-after CNC machines on the market today. Design, engineering and production teams, spend many long hours, tirelessly crafting, building and tuning your machine, and every product that departs our facility, is a unique and exceptional workhorse - created with your specific manufacturing need in mind. Companies turn to us for their machinery needs, because we can offer them a tailor-made solution rather than an off-the-shelf, stock machine. The bottom line is, the machine we build for you, will help your business grow, not just meet the production demands you have today. The only limit to what our CNC machines aren't cutting yet, is your imagination.

You can read more on the EasyRoute CNC Router here: am.co.za/router/easy

For all our machines and their full descriptions, please do check our website at am.co.za. You may also call our office on 060 600 6000 and speak to our dedicated sales engineers for a detailed explanation.