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Machining Video: 500W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with 6-Axis Kawasaki Robotic Arm System For Vehicle Door Frame Cutting

So much use for the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine - this one is a 500W powered device with a 6-Axis Kawasaki Robotic Arm System. And this, anchored particularly to aid on ehicle Door Frame Cutting. Looks simple?

So, let's simply call it a Robotic Arm Fiber Laser Cutting Machine.

Fiber laser robotic cutting machines adopt industrial robotic arm with 6-axis motion capability, and the industrial robotic arm can accomplish spatial any curve movement to ensure its speed, accuracy and reliability. The model is equipped with professional motion-controlling software to ensure stable operation to improve the robotic cutting machines' processing quality.

Taking advantage of the flexibility of the industrial robotic arm, robotic cutting machines can complete processing following the space-specific curve for customers, saving time on work piece and manufacturing mould cost.

There’s A Multiple Advantages With This Device
1) Advanced Technology. Laser robotic cutting machines can cut edge surface technology from fiber laser and CNC controlling system which makes laser robot cutter most advanced laser cutting technology.
2) Easy Operation. Professional robot cutter controlling system, computer operated can guaranty cutting quality, make cutting work more convenient and easier to operate.
3) Imported Key parts.
a.Artificial intelligent robot, which can do 3D cutting, and it is also very easy to operate. High degree of intelligence can guaranty high speed, high precision and high reliability.

b.Equipped with imported laser head, which has high sensitivity, high accuracy, and work with robot to avoid laser head crash again straw material, which can guaranty focus point position and cutting quality.

Here's another of our quality robotic videos. Albeit this one being a 6-Axis Industrial Robotic Arm Plus 1 Rotating Axis Milling System, the principle still resonates: machining.co.za/video/195252625

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