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Machining Video: MetalWise Standard CNC Plasma Cutting Table with 125A Plasma Power Supply on Dry and Water Cutting Table

Our CNC Plasma machinery solutions have always been fully supported by Hypertherm in the development of complete Hypertherm products, together with our own custom manufactured tables.

This machine is engineered to deliver heavy-duty, high capacity mechanized and handheld cutting and gouging across a wide range of industrial applications. The Plasma Power Supply gives you two options, cutting on a dry table, or on a water cutting table.

Kindly check a similar exercise in this video - we did some metal cuts with the Metalwise Lite CNC Plasma for a customer from Lesotho as the country marked its 50 Years of Independence, recently:


And in this website: am.co.za/plasma we have tried to answer all your questions about one of the most troubling questions to ever plague the human race:

What is the best CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for your business?

We have answered all your enquiries from what table size and working are to go fo, to Plasma Cutting Thickness & Materials. This article on 'Choosing The Right Plasma Cutter' should also load you with some helpful insight: prevision.co.za/choosing-plasma-cutter-part-2

For more information regarding our MetalWise CNC Plasma Cutters, please feel free to contact us on: 060 600 6000

You can also refer to: amused.co.za/#CNC-Plasma-Cutter