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Machining Video: TruCUT Laser with 100W Standard TruCUT Tube and Cut on 30mms at 100% Power (28mA) of 4mm Supawood and Perspex

Here you're looking for fine quality, with knowledge that speed may be accelerated even. This is the TruCUT 2014 Model, which has a new 100W Standard TruCUT Tube. This demonstration was what we did when we cut 4mm Supawood and Perspex on 30mms at 100% Power (28mA).

A few things to consider when cutting plywood and perspex, obviously in search of the best results:
1). Maker sure your machines is in the correct focus,
2). Try lower speed such as 4mm/s, and
3). Try use a more powerful air compressor.

What if the laser can't give you that quality that you're dying for? That can be a usual problem where it emits lots of brown smoke stains and difficulty cutting through, even at 10mm/sec. Does more air pressure make a big difference?, maybe? Try using a high power air compressor to get better - results - remember our team of dedicated consultants can always help you with that simple choice.

But besides, most end-users know they should close the cover while working to prevent harm lays and smoke, right?

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For all our machines and their full descriptions, please do check our website at am.co.za. You may also call our office on 060 600 6000 and speak to our dedicated sales engineers for a detailed explanation.