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Machining Video: TruCUT CNC Laser Metal Cutting Machine with 150W CO2 Laser Tube Cut 0.7/1/2mm Stainless Steel & 2mm Mild Steel

You can literally carve out any shape or structure from Stainless Steel or Mild Steel, using the TRUCUT CNC Laser metal cutting machine from Advanced Machinery.

In reference to this video, this machine is equipped with a 150W CO2 Laser Tube, enabling it to cut approximately 0.7/1/2mm of stainless steel and through 2mm of mild steel on a suitable working table. This is an answer to all the questions raised daily by any growing business, and we've tried to attempt all of them by galvanising TRUCUT CNC laser machine with the following features:

a). Heat treatment, 24 hours cooling system, accurate CO2 shielded arc welding, to make sure 20 years usage without deformation
b). Because the TruCUT's integrated design takes up the smallest area, it saves space
c). Precise features used for guide rail assembling and debugging, precision is up to 0.01mm
d). Effective high speed cutting, and
e). Wireless hand-held terminal, to remotely control the laser.

We can also confidently mention that this machine does cut through carbon steel and other kinds of metal sheets. It does cut from globally recognised computer-fed file formats like CDR, BMP, PLT, GPEG, DXF, and DST. Advanced machinery has suitable softwares for each kind of a machine in our workshop. Our friendly sales force should be able to help you make an informed choice on that.

Kindly check am.co.za/laser/trucut for more information.

How about a further review, this time on our MetalWise Lite CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, a closely related machine? Here's the website address: machining.co.za/video/183808796

Should you perhaps wish to converse with the team at our workshop, please feel free to give them a call on 072 222 2211.