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Machining Video: CO2 Laser Alignment Training, Align Three Mirrors and One Lens for Perfect CO2 Laser Cutting Result

This video is a how-to of getting the perfect laser cut.

First, take masking tape and put it over your second mirror.

Put your power generator on a lower percentage (you can do this by going to the menu and then going to laser settings. Another way to do it is in that menu you can go down to power and lower it to 15, then press enter to save the changes.)

Move the gantry furthest in and shoot a mark then move it further out again.

This will require you to move your second mirror in front of the first to mark a spot on the masking tape and then moving it back out to shoot again on the first mirror (which isn’t covered) to make a spot on the second mirror.

Looking at the mechanism of the mirror you will see on the sides what is called lock nuts. And the bigger screws are called the adjusting nuts. And the silver ones are called the tensioning nuts.

We will be loosening the tension because it’s not that far out. We adjust the mirror by the top screw (adjusting nut) to angle a bit more down.

Use a new piece of masking tape over the old piece every time you shoot for testing to see if it shoots in the same spot or a different spot. Once you have two pieces of masking tape on your mirror do not put on a third but start again with one and then two after your first shot.

Keep adjusting your mirrors till they shoot in the same desired spot that you see on the masking tape. If it’s in the same spot it means the first mirror and the second mirror is aligned.

Also, use the masking tape when aligning your third mirror until it hits the same desired spot once again. To see if the alignment is perfect, you should move your mirror to any place on the table and it should hit the same spot.

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