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Machining Video: TruCUT CO2 Laser Usage Training Video of How Our Technicians Provide Training to Laser Machine Clients

In this video, we show you how to interpret all the things your laser says and how to use it successfully.

When it shows red, it means the laser can’t shoot, but you can move the machine around.

If it shows orange, it means it is in a working state. There is an ongoing job.

Green means it is ready for action.

Always press XY and zero to measure the bed size.

Always move the gantry to your material’s position.

In your menu when you press test now, it will show you the size of your design.

When you go to the button anchor, in your menu and you press enter on set logic origin; it doesn’t matter where you move your gantry, when you press test now again it will go back to where you anchored it and show you the size of your design.

So if your gantry always moves to the same point, make sure there is no set anchor.

To cancel the logic anchor, press anchor again, press cancel and press enter while you are on cancel.

When you get new material, you want to get the maximum focal length or the automatic height adjuster. For this, you can press Z and zero to measure the height of the material. Make sure your material is beneath the sensor.

The distance should always be 22mm, that is the maximum focal length.

Remember to move your gantry to where you want to start and press test to make sure you optimize material and that it is in the correct place.

When you are ready to cut, close the door of your machine and switch on the exhaust fan.

To pause a job just press start and to resume, press start again.

Once it is done just press escape on the screen to go back to the home screen.

You can also use USB with your machine, once it is in and the file has been downloaded it will show that you can remove your USB.

When you want to download everything on your USB, press all and enter.

When engraving something, the same principles apply.

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