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Machining Video: TruCUT PRO Metal-Cutting CO2 Laser Setup Process for Metal Cutting, Oxygen Tanks and Lens Cleaning etc

This video is made to give you the knowledge on how to set alignment.

What you need:
· 4mm Perspex

· 5x 1mm steel plates

First, you need to find the focus point. And be sure your nozzle is a metal cutting one.

Place your Perspex underneath the nozzle with one of the 1mm steel plates on top and lower the nozzle until it touches the steel plate. Remove the steel plate and your nozzle is then 1mm away from your Perspex. Now you can adjust the focus with a gage on the arm of your machine. And that gauge will move your lens up and down.

Remove your Perspex and place your 4 other 1mm steel plates under the laser. Then adjust your sensor to 6.1. You can use a small screwdriver to adjust it to 6.1. Then on the side of your machine adjust it to autofocus, you can then press the auto focus button and the machine will place itself in order to start cutting. You do the autofocus before each time you cut to detect where the steel is. For non-metal cutting, you need to disable the autofocus.
Check that your oxygen is set on the recommended 4.5 bar.

When cutting metal be sure to have a nozzle placed on your machine that can cut the metal efficiently.

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