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Machining Video: FlatCUT Flatbed Cutter with CCD Camera and Auto Feeding Table Perform Contour Cutting on Printed Paper Sheet

In this video view the whole process of the FlatCUT Flatbed Cutter from the mapping on the computer to the final product.

After being mapped on the computer we get a full look at how the cutting commences. It is fast and accurate. After cutting one section it automatically moves your material along to cut the next section with the auto feeding table.

The CCD camera is there to support the Contour Cutting function. Contour cutting creates what we know as stickers or decals and with this machine, you can create small stickers to very large ones no matter what you need.

AM.CO.ZA has a top of the line range of machines, this being just one of them. Visit AM.CO.ZA or call our sales on 060 600 6000 for more information.