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FastCOLOUR Flatbed LED-UV Demonstrated at Sign Africa Expo Jo'burg 2017 to Print on White Masonite Board

September 2017, at FESPA Africa - Sign Africa Expo in Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg. AM.CO.ZA demonstrated FastCOLOUR Flatbed UV first time in South Africa.

UV Printing is a new printing technology. It can print on any kinds of surface by using UV Curable Ink and instance cured by LED-UV lamp located on both sides of the head structure. High resolution printing quality archived by instant dry and low power consumption and fast printing speed are also the reasons many printing business move to UV printers.

Our FastCOLOUR Flatbed UV Printer demonstrated utilize two Epson DX5 printheads, and able to print White Ink besides CMYK Colours when needed. It comes with 2450×1250mm Printing Area, able to adapt from 0 to 100mm Material Thickness Printing. It uses Vacuum Table to get printing media fixed on the printing area to archive fast and easy material exchange.

As other CNC Machines from AM.CO.ZA, this FastCOLOUR Flatbed UV Printer is very affordable and priced below R300,000 at the time of this video.

Please call 060 600 6000 or visit am.co.za/ for more information.