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Printhead Service, Large Format Printer Maintenance with New Hybrid UV Ink Flushing and Conversion

When questioned about wide format printing technology a lot of people would possibly think of a picture of vinyl letters on an enormous banner. The type that you would buy from a stationary shop.

But the truth is that large format printing is a different ball game altogether. In this day and age, one of the most magnificent and influential, innovative content is created using large format printers. Delivering well polished, elegant and shiny professional signage.

Putting posters or micro signage aside. Large format printing Machinery have the ability to produce enormous wraps that are so big and cover a whole building or motor vehicle.

Furthermore to vinyl paper, large format printers also have the capability of printing on fabrics. This allows signage experts to be innovative in an unimaginable way.

Several large format printers merge conventional CMYK inks with RGB inks, making way for the production of to produce intensive, bold colours and lifelike images that you tend to see on Television or on the screen of your personal computer.

Conclusively, large format printing technology gives you an opportunity to try out thrilling, fresh possibilities and innovative potential. It results in durable, high-quality and customized designs filled with artistry and liveliness.

Anyway, today's video puts emphasis on the maintenance of the new UV hybrid large format printer that includes the servicing of the printhead and the flushing and conversion of ink.

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