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Sublimation Large Format Printer Setup for Edenvale Client, Step by Step Sublimation Printer Setup

Are you searching for printed items that are durable and emphasize different shades and high-quality images? Outstanding custom-made images, home decoration and marketing exhibitions make use of the dye sublimation procedure to attain lively, endless images.

The entire procedure necessitates the transferring of graphics and illustrations onto an item in a gaseous condition by making use of extreme temperature heat press in the course of the sublimation printing procedure. This method is different from conventional printing techniques as it bypasses the fluid phase. How it works is that the design is blended on the printing paper. This makes the entire procedure fast and convenient for sublimation printing. Heat is then utilized to convey the design from the sublimation paper to the chosen item.  

This method of printing is commonly used by businesses and home designers for producing designs on clothing items as well as signboards, billboards, home decorations, company exhibits and personal goods such as coasters, coffee mugs and keyrings, just to name a few.

The most important item would be a sublimation ink printer. This sort of technology can be used in both your home or your office space. Many years back, sublimation printing machines were highly-priced and afforded by a few. Now that there is greater demand for products that are printed, the price of these printers has
decreased dramatically.

A band of colours can be produced and conveyed onto printing paper with the use of this machine. When using this technique, the design printed on your garments will not get damaged after being worn for a couple of times. The image or illustrations of the design created will last for a very long time. This is suitable for products that you will use for a long period of time like mouse pads.

Today’s video focuses on a step by step assembling of the FastCOLOUR sublimation large format printer done by one of our technicians on behalf of our client.

The FastCOLOUR sublimation large format printer package includes:
•Roll up device to take-up media after printing is done;
•XP600 printhead and MainTop RIP software;
•Free 100ml EPSON factory use liquid, for daily printhead maintenance;
•Flexible rolled media feeding device;
•Automated lifting printhead ink capping system;
•4 colour C.M.Y.K dye sublimation ink feeding tanks;
•Pre-heat and post-heat 2 stage heating system with 3 level temperature control;
•Bi-directional printing enabled;
•Automatic printhead cleaning functions;
•Negative pressure continuous ink supply system;
•And so much more

Log onto (buythis.co.za/machines) to make a purchase of the large format printer machine online. Prices are subject to change.

Call sales team on 060 600 6000 or visit our nearest branch.

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