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Assemble Wide Format Sublimation Printer and Roller Heat Press for Johannesburg Clothing Factory

The chemistry behind dye sublimation is what makes it the perfect method for printing on synthetic fabrics and polyester coated items. Dye sublimation inks are printed on sublimation transfer paper making use of a large format printer. Thereafter the ink is conveyed by heat from the transfer paper onto a piece of cloth or material using a roller heat press. The ink converts from a solid to a gas and then becomes part of polyester fibers.

The ink permeates into the textile material instead of settling on the surface. This results in the finest, superior and durable goods.

Roll to roll dye-sublimation transfer printing is a computerized printing method that uses colourful artwork that goes well with cotton, polyester cotton, silk, synthetic fiber and so much more. Roll to roll dye sublimation is frequently utilised to enhance the appearance of sublimation-friendly surfaces such as clothing, signage, billboards, posters and unusual products like mobile phone covers, mugs and so much more.

This process uses a wide format digital sublimation printer to print sublimation designs and a roller heat press is used to convey sublimation dyes or ink onto polyester or other synthetic textiles.

The final outcome of the designs printed on using a roll to roll sublimation transfer printer is usually permanent, bright, colourful and high res.

Today’s vlog will show you how to assemble the FastCOLOUR sublimation large format printer and the Heatware sublimation roll to roll heat press a roller heat press with the help of one of our technicians.

AM's FastCOLOUR Sublimation large format printer:
•Provides high-resolution images.
•The ink it uses dries immediately allowing you to use printed item after it has been printed on.
•Results in permanent printing.
•Produces a great number of items in a short period of time.
•It requires less maintenance.
•It prints at a high speed.
•It is cost effective. 

To invest in a sublimation large format printer (buythis.co.za/machines) to purchase the machine online. Prices are subject to change.

Call sales on 060 600 6000 or visit our nearest branch.

To find out more about our products and services log on to our website: am.co.za.